About us

Our Philosophy

We are on a mission to serve the best burgers and grilled steaks in Bilbao.

Welcome to Pyro Bar & Grill, where the flames symbolize our passion!

Nestled in the heart of Bilbao, Pyro Bar & Grill ignited its charcoal-fueled flames in February 2024.

Picture this: an exceptional Dutch chef, trained by a 12-time award-winning burger place in Amsterdam and fueled by a lifelong obsession for crafting the perfect burger over charcoal, bringing his wealth of knowledge to Bilbao. He elevates the Pyro experience using homemade sauces, local meats, bespoke burger buns, and serves the crispiest golden fries.

But at Pyro we're not just grilling burgers; our affordable menu boasts everything from tantalizing bar bites to succulent whole chickens and seasonal vegetables, all kissed by the unmistakable flavor of charcoal.

With our background being a combination of Basque tradition and Dutch innovation, we strive to keep the balance between these values to bring the burger scene in Bilbao to the next level. Come visit us to see passion and flavor collide!